Short Stories

“Blank Canvas”, Ashes to Sunrise
January 2017
Lightspeed June 2016 Issue 73 “The Peacekeeper”, Lightspeed Magazine
June 2016 (Issue 73)Review via Quick Sips  (Spoiler Warning!)
Fractured “D-Day”, Fractured: Tales of the Canadian Post-Apocalypse
Exile Editions, August 2014
Beast Within 3 “Mother Water”, The Beast Within 3: Oceans Unleashed
Graveside Tales, December 2012
“Quick Draw”, The Best of Friday Flash Volume 2
eMergent Press, October 2012
Candle in the Attic Window “Nine Nights”, Candle in the Attic Window
Innsmouth Free Press, September 2011.Listen to the story on Tales to Terrify No 146.