Help out a friend

In the yea old days when I was yet a wee newbie to the Twitter-sphere, this nice guy named Harry asked if he could be my writing buddy. No one had ever asked me to be their writing friend before! Fast forward a few years, and we’re still both committed to encouraging each other to keep writing.

Harry got accepted to Clarion with a scholarship this year, but he’ll need some help to get there all the way from Bulgaria. In his own words:

I want to be a voice for my culture. I want to represent LGBTQ writers. I want to bring more diversity into speculative fiction and I believe Clarion can give my voice power.

I don’t have the means to pay these sums on my own. Because I’m a Bulgarian native and not a native English speaker, I’ve experienced difficulty finding better paying freelance writing jobs and can currently only work towards covering my basic living expenses. All my savings have gone to help my family through a very unforgiving year, so I can’t rely on anyone else, except for the community that has made me feel accepted for so many years.

If you’ve got a little to spare, please help Harry get to Clarion!


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