Release Day! Oceans Unleashed

My, what a very muscled fish that is! It’s release day for the Oceans Unleashed anthology. The anthology features a collection of aquatic shapeshifter stories.

Here’s a sneak peak at the table of contents. It is available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

My contribution to the anthology is “Mother Water”,  a story about a young Laoatian girl and a giant catfish.  Nothing about writing this story came easy, and I’m so happy that it found a home.

Do you have any good news to share these days? I’d love to hear it!

14 thoughts on “Release Day! Oceans Unleashed

  1. It’s a buff shark-man to be sure, but the color pallet is what really struck me. The font, the text color and the color of the image is all very well-designed. Handsome!

  2. Congratulations, Theresa! I already have plans to go to B&N this weekend. I keep an eye out for the anthology. If it’s not there, I’ll special order it.

  3. Awesome. Another publication credit for you! You’re starting to build a name for yourself in this industry. Congratulations!

    Remember us wannabe-writers when you’re firmly ensconced in your secret volcanic island published writer’s lair, preparing your final world-domination master plan.

    1. Thanks Stephen, you’re too kind ;) I’d say I’ve only started tapping quietly on the industry’s door. One day though, you shall all be invited to my secret volcanic writer’s lair. What’s an evil mastermind without minions? hee hee

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