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Keep the words flowing

I'm guest posting over ao Patrick Satter's blog today, where I've written a bit on how to keep writing even when you don't know where your story's going: Keep the words flowing.

How are your words going? I can't believe Nanowrimo's almost over!

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  • Kristan says:

    Haha, my word flow has been stemmed by a mountain of birthday treats and turkey and sides... but I'm back home now, mostly caught up on chores, and ready to work again!

    • hee hee I think it'll only get worse when December hits, and all the Christmas parties and treats start showing up!

  • Those were some pretty nice suggestions.

  • [I tried to reply over there, but I had trouble logging in and then it ate my reply, so now I'm trying it over here. :-) ]
    I used #1 and #2 in my second novel. One key event is shown in three different places, from the povs of different characters, each time revealing more to the reader.

    As for #4, I did something similar: I used the first rule of farce, which is that the next person to enter the room should be the one your character most wants to avoid. It didn't lead to a fistfight, but it did liven things up., ;-)

    • Oh thats bad to hear. I hope it was a temporarily problem on googles part but as far as i know there is a option available in which you could post anonymously or like here with self written name, website and so on without logging in to google+.

      • I'm sure everything is okay. I was just pressed for time (posting on a break at work, using my phone) and took the path of least resistance when I started having problems.

        It does annoy me when people disable the posting option where you can enter your own information and force you to log in via some other service. I usually use OpenID for that, but that's a lot of work on a phone. :-)

  • Oh, and meals, yes. And what characters like to eat (and where and how) can be revealing.

    • I have a friend who used to throw in a zombie attack every time he didn't know what was next in a serial story. It made for fun reading.

      Thanks for checking out the post :)

      • I've never done zombies (though I'm an enthusiastic fan of the Resident Evil movies). I think it's because I write mysteries, and zombies, while exciting, just aren't mysterious.

  • John Wiswell says:

    No words since I'm not playing this particular game, but I am editing my buns off!

  • Jay Noel says:

    NaNo was great for me. First time doing it EVER. Hit 87000 words, and I surprised myself. I didn't think I could hit 50K, much less 80K.

  • Tiyana says:

    Jumping ahead has been helpful for me with keeping the ball rolling. Usually means a bunch of editing later, heh, but at least y'have something on the page then, right?

    Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Cherie Priest has used the "OMG ZOMBIES!" tactic at least once with each of her steampunk books, lol.

    Great post, Theresa!

    • I think that would work for her! Ahh editing, I wish it were easier... but you can't edit what's not there, right? Thanks Tiyana!

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