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Author Aerobics: Setting Challenge

Here's this week's Author Aerobics challenge. Answers to the challenge will be posted on Friday. If you want to participate just post a link to your entry in the comments below and I'll update this post with links to yours. Everyone's welcome!

Setting Challenge

The setting is more than the location where your story takes place.  Setting can be treated as a character or be an agent of conflict. It can mirror the state of mind of the characters. It can marry beautifully with the mood and tone of a story. It is the culture, the time period, the world that has shaped, or will shape, the characters that inhabit it.

Picking the right details can bring a setting to life, and give a place a sense of authenticity. You can find those details by exploring the world with your five senses. What would your characters smell, taste, see, touch, hear? What would they think is ordinary or extraordinary? What the characters chose to observe in the setting can also give you a sense of their personality.

Further Reading:

The Challenge: Write a story (1000 words or less) that is set in a place you have never been. This place can be real or imagined. The theme: "home"

This week's participants!

  • Peka's Showdown by J.P. Cabit - A story that will make you shiver. Peka's alone in the wilderness and there are wolves about.
  • The Immigrant and the Gatekeeper by Aidan Fritz - Coon is being tested, but the new world will not listen to his plea's.
  • Where it all Began by Stephen A. Watkins, Jr. - Aran returns home to face the puppet master of his fate.
  • Adrift by T.S. Bazelli - No one wants Kate. The only place she feels at home is adrift on the sea.
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