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Flash Fiction: The Comet's Love Song

This is my entry for this week’s Writer’s Carnival. How could I resist the theme of fallen angels?

The Comet's Love Song
by T. S. Bazelli

I heard you call to me in your dreams. Your blue green promise wakened me from frosted slumber. Come, you called, and I strayed on my journey though the vastness of space, drifting towards you, my only love. How could I resist?

I am yours.

Faster now, I approach. The sound of your promises scream loudly in my heart as you come into view. Already I am dying, but I cannot refuse your gravity. I burn, shedding first the ice of my long journey, and then the fragments of  stars.

I feel you reach out to embrace me. You too shed skin at the impact, our dusts mingling, and I sink into you, losing myself.

The last smolders of my body are cooling in your gentle breath. I am almost gone, but I am content, my love, to have burned hotly at least once.

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© Copyright T.S. Bazelli 2010 2014.


  • JulesCarey says:

    That is lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  • Kristan says:

    Love this: "I burn, shedding first the ice of my long journey, and then the fragments of stars."

    In terms of the writing, I think this piece is your strongest yet! And I love how it could work on so many levels (literal or figurative).

    • T.S. Bazelli says:

      Thanks Kristan! I think the short length allowed me to give more focus to the smaller details than I usually have time for.

  • Also, too bad the comet didn't love the poor dinosaurs who were infesting the skin of her true love.

    It was well-written and very nice, but that's kind of the image that came to my head at the end. ;)

    • T.S. Bazelli says:

      hehe actually I did think of that, but it broke up the flow of the story. Decided that this was a smaller comet and not an actual extinction level event. But! ah hah! You did assume it was earth. That's good. That's what I was hoping. :)

  • David Storey says:

    That managed to get in a whole load of beautiful imagery with not that many words - like a small, well polished opal. Or a briefly glanced comet!

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